Outstanding Hunting & Fishing Safaris in Argentina.

TGB Outfitters   is one of the most respected, experienced and knowledgeable companies in the outdoor industry of Argentina. When planning either a fishing or hunting trip to Argentina our company is always ready to offer our clients the best personalized and exclusive service in the country.

Our safari areas are located throughout several provinces of Argentina including the Patagonian and Mesopotamian regions. With their endless extensions and unique species both regions are an extraordinary safari experience for any sportsmen to enjoy..

Patagonia’s diversity of landscapes, ranging from high mountains and forests to cold deserts, offers fantastic big game hunting and fishing opportunities for several species of which the Red Stag has worldwide recognition. The Mesopotamian region with its infinite wetlands and forests brings other challenges and species for our clients to enjoy. Amongst them, hunting Water Buffalo and fishing for Golden Dorado rank high in the list. We organize top quality safaris throughout all the territory and our hunting packages in Argentina are customized to take care and include every detail so clients have no worries except to enjoy their adventure with us.

When it comes to big game hunting in Argentina, TGB Outfitters is second to none, we have been providing big game hunting trips in Argentina for the last twenty years. Our company policy is based on the importance of conservationism and ethics as well as the cooperation and friendship amongst the people who share the same passion and way of life. Our main mission is to provide our clients with a unique and extraordinary experience for which we offer nothing but the best service in the country.

All the areas and provinces of Argentina in which our company is active, have a great diversity of species and abundance of game. This, combined with vast exclusive extensions of land provide the perfect surroundings for an unforgettable hunting experience.

Our company owns and operates properties throughout Argentina and is able to provide hunts for all legally available species.

Our hunting lodges in Argentina have all the amenities our guests need to have a wonderful safari. Our main lodge is located in Northern Patagonia, in the province of La Pampa which is home to the widest variety of big game species in the country. 

The abundance of game, it’s rolling hills and beautiful forests come together to make this a perfect hunting area. Our other equally fantastic areas and lodges such as Corrientes, Entre Rios and Buenos Aires allow us to offer the most complete safari services in Argentina.

Hunting in Argentina is an unforgettable experience by itself and that is why our country is today one of the main destinations for sportsmen around the world. We offer our clients first class hunting safaris as well as fishing trips in the most renowned regions of Argentina. 

Our large and exclusive territories, our first-class accommodations and a very professional crew will make your safari a trip of a lifetime.

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