The Bridge between Europe and Asia...

Safari Tours has been catering for hunters since 1987 in Turkey, the bridge between Europe and Asia. We are proud to be a first-class outfitter and one of the first private hunting companies of Turkey where we consistently operate hundreds of hunts per year with top notch equipment and highly qualified guides.

Hunting in Turkey can be combined with spectacular sightseeing and beach holiday tours, making it a great destination for couples. The rich history, unique architecture and marvelous culture make it an extraordinary destination.

The Bezoar Ibex from Turkey, is one of the most beautiful mountain goats of the world with its magnificent curved horns, nice long black beard and a very nice striped cape over its shoulder (just males during the rut time). The hunt for this beautiful Ibex can be easily combined with other big game species such as wild boar, chamois, red stag, roe deer and hybrid Ibex as well as sightseeing opportunities alone or with your family.

Depending on the hunting area our stay will be in luxury hotels, town hotels, village houses or in hunting camps. Trophies of 150 cm are achievable. The average altitude of the hunting areas goes from 1000 mts to 2000 mts above sea level. Every year we get first class permits from the Turkish government to be able to hunt the best areas for big Bezoar Ibex trophies such as Adana, Mersin, Mugla, Artvin and Mersin Areas. The average weight of these beautiful animals is in the 80 kg to 100 kg range. The best time to hunt this magnificent species is during the rut which starts in late October and goes to mid-January, depending on the hunting areas and weather conditions.

Wild Boar hunting in Turkey is one of the most enjoyable hunting opportunities in our country not only because of the abundance of animals but mainly due to the extraordinary quality of our trophy boars which can reach 300 Kgs and have 30 cm in length on their tusks. We only do free range hunts for boar that can either be Driven Hunts or Blind Hunting / Stalking in the evenings with moon light. Driven hunts are organized for groups of 8 to 12 hunters and with a team of 20 to 30 people and 10 to 15 dogs to “drive” the boars. The typical areas for our driven hunts are mountainous, covered with pine and oak trees. We make 3 to 4 “drives” a day depending on weather conditions. We recommend 3 to 5 days of driven hunts to achieve the best results. The season starts on September 1st and ends on February 22nd. At this time, it is also possible to organize blind hunting / stalking hunts in the evenings after the driven hunts. The best months for driven hunts are October, November, January and February.

Blind Hunting / Stalking Hunts are the method of choice for hunters who are looking for a big tusker. This is one of the most enjoyable, challenging and traditional types of hunting. We can hunt with this method all year round although the best time goes from March to November. For optimum results we recommend a 5-night hunt.

The Anatolian chamois are hunted in the northeastern and eastern part of Turkey. They live between 2000 mts and 3000 mts above sea level. The best time to hunt chamois, in order to avoid bad weather conditions, is between November 1st and mid-December. Generally, accommodations are village houses or fly camps. A minimum of 5 to 6 days hunting is recommendable.

Our company logo is the “Konya Sheep”, a sheep that was hunted for the first time in Turkey in 1989 by Safari Tours. The name of Konya comes from the city, in Bozdag Mountains, where we can find this magnificent free ranging species of which there is an estimated population of 2.500 individuals. Since 2010 only 7 rams have been hunted in Turkey and 3 of these have been hunted by Safari Tours.

In addition to these wonderful hunts, we also offer challenging species such as Hybrid Ibex, mid-Eastern Red Stag, Roe Deer, Gazelle and mid-Eastern Brown Bear. These activities can be combined with luxury cruise trips offered by our company. From the 1st week of May until the last week of October you can cruise the Mediterranean Sea in any of our different types of yachts, Economy-Luxury-VIP, with 3 to 4 English speaking crew members. These trips can be customized for our clients depending on their preferences. Cruise trips start on Saturdays and last for 7 days. The Mediterranean Sea will help you relax and have a very enjoyable time.