Conserve in Order to Utilise

Kilombero North Safaris has a team of experts constantly striving to improve our services and ensure that all your travel expectations are met. We guarantee all our operations are carried out with deep respect, devotion, and responsibility towards the natural environment. We are privileged to call home one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is our duty to protect it for generations to come. The most rewarding aspect of these last years has been our work in environmental conservation and community development. By better equipping our anti-poaching teams, the results have been dramatic. The game population in our areas of operations has never been more abundant.

As sportsmen, we at Kilombero North Safaris Ltd, strongly believe that it’s our responsibility to play a vital role in the conservation and improvement of the environment of Tanzania. From anti-poaching initiatives to flora and fauna protection and, most importantly, community development, we guarantee that by choosing to hunt with us, you are playing your part in maintaining these pristine but fragile environments for future generations to enjoy. Whatever your choice of safari, expect to be moved by your stay with us. Expect to gather a lifetime of memories in just a few weeks. This is the timeless, amazing Africa that you have always dreamt about.

Kilombero North Safaris has, since inception committed itself to conservation through community development projects. A few years ago when the present shareholders of the company took over, they undertook to increase their efforts in embracing our slogan of “Conserve in Order to Utilise. Increasingly, the vast lands of untouched and pristine wilderness, which make Tanzania one of the world’s most desirable Safari destinations, have come under severe pressure.

Once idyllic environments are facing plunder and destruction. Far from facing inexhaustible supplies of abundance, the once lush and game filled lands of Africa are increasingly subjected to the indiscriminate and wanton destruction of game, fisheries and vegetation. Uncontrolled deforestation, desertification, over-fishing, over-grazing and indiscriminate poaching have upped the pressure on the fragile ecosystems of Tanzania, threatening to turn pieces of paradise into wastelands.

KNS is proud of it’s continued achievements in mitigating anti-poaching, promoting conservation and preserving wildlife. Our approach to these concerns is demonstrated in the following results of our concession: In almost every area we have, our Professional Hunters and our anti poaching staff have reported a steady gradual increase in almost all species of game. Areas, which a few years ago were sparsely populated in wildlife, have now been noticeably improved to the extent that in one instant, zebra was spotted in Kilombero, that have been absent for nearly a decade. This shows that we are doing something right!

Tanzania is without a doubt, one of the most famous and exclusive hunting safari destinations in Africa. Our areas are the perfect example of all Tanzania has to offer: an incomparable variety of wildlife and stunning vistas. 30% of its land mass is conserved for wildlife parks and reserves with over 160 appointed hunting blocks. The wildlife is some of most tremendous of all Africa countries. Specie availability varies widely across the country and also includes highly prized rarities.

Dhala camp is also situated in the Kilombero Valley and neighbors our Ruhudji area. The southern and western boundaries follows the loop of the Mnyera river for 50+ miles. The myera river is widely regarded as the destination to target tiger fish in the 10-25 lb range. It is an hour forty five minute flight from Dar es Salaam and is a six hour drive from the closest regional area airport in Iringa.
Dhala camp has 8 thatched wooden bungalows with all the luxuries of home, comfortably sleeping 16 guests. This makes it by far our most suitable camp to handle families and big groups. The dining areas are thatch and timber constructions offering beautiful views of the Mnyera river from beneath the canopy of the riverine forest. The habitat is made up of a diverse mixture of riverine forest, flood plains , mature miombo forest and wetlands that is also home to the biggest population of Puku in East Africa. Dhala is known for producing exceptional leopard trophies and the Buffalo numbers rivals that of Ruhudji. This area is a great destination for the client looking for a good mixed bag safari with ample time to enjoy the thrill of fishing for tiger fish in between. Our conservation efforts has also made Dhala a great place to enjoy daily sightings of magnificent herds of elephants.

Lake Natron. Sitting on the floor of the rift Valley, just south of the Kenya border, surrounded by extinct volcanos and the famous Oldonyo Lengai ( the Masai mountain of god ) one of only 2 active volcanos in Africa, our lake Natron concession is one of the most scenic hunting areas in the country. We consider it the jewel in the crown of our Kilombero North Safaris areas. It is a 3 hour drive from the Kilimanjaro international airport making it easily accessible and it elevates the need of expensive charters. The camp is built in the foothills of Kitumbeini mountain, over looking the Masai plains, Oldonyo Lengai and the rift Valley escarpment. With its beautiful thatch, glass and timber dining area/mess and the 4 log bungalows no expense were spared in making this one of the most comfortable hunting camps in Tanzania.
The habitat varies tremendously from open plains and arid woodland to acacia brush country and the mountain forests stretching from 7000 to 9500 feet on kitumbeini mountain. This area is the number one destination for the discerning sportsman looking to collect a wide range of Masailand species, big leopard and buffalo in one safari. The beautiful scenery and abundance of game also makes it the perfect location for non hunting guests looking for a one of a kind photographic experience away from the crowds.

Ngaserai is situated between Mt.Kilimanjaro and Mt.Meru, one and a half hours drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) and about 20 miles south of the Kenya border. Our accommodations in Ngaserai is a traditional East African tented camp, nestled in a euphobia forest, with a mess/dining tent and three client tents that comfortably sleep 6 clients. Like with all the Kilombero North Safaris camps the spacious accommodation features in suite bathrooms with running hot and cold water with 220 volt electricity. We try our best to keep the traditional feel while making sure you have access to all the modern-day conveniences. The area is famous for its breathtaking views of both Mt.Kilimanjaro and Mt.Meru. Terrain is mostly flat, covered in acacia shrub interspersed with open plains. Going into the foothills of Mount Meru the country becomes more rugged. All this offers a wide variety of habitat for the different Masailand species. The abundance of plains game makes the area well suited to the client looking for a laid back safari with ample opportunities for some world class wingshooting to break up the more serious plains game hunting. The game bird species includes guinefowl, three species of sandgrouse, four species of Franklin, yellow neck spurfowl and a variety of doves to list but a few.

Ruhudji is situated at the top end of the famous Kilombero Valley, Bordered by the Ruhudji river to the north and the Pitu river to the east, giving it 70+ miles of river frontage. It is an hour and forty five minutes flying time from Dar es Salaam and a seven hour drive from the closest regional airport in Iringa. The accommodation is made up of a thatched mess/dinning area overlooking the Ruhudji River and 3 spacious client tents under the canopy of the riverine forest. All tents have in suit bathrooms and 220 volt electricity. The tranquility of Ruhudji camp with the sound of flowing water and hippos in the background makes it a place where one can really get back in touch with nature. The terrain is made up of a mixture of riverine forest, flood plains and mature miombo forest. The Kilombero Valley is considered to have the highest buffalo population density in Tanzania. It is also home to a large lion, Leopard and plains game population including the iconic Roosevelt Sable. The rivers produce some exceptional hippo and crocodile trophies every year. As an added bonus the Ruhudji is world famous as one of the best tiger fishing destinations in Africa.