Live the African Legacy...

Professional hunter and outfitter, Jaco Oosthuizen, is a founder member of GAME TRACKERS AFRICA SAFARIS CC which operates in Southern & East Africa (Tanzania).

ONDJAMBA SAFARIS was originally established in the late 90’s as the result of a lifelong dream. Ondjamba which means Elephant, originates from the Himba tribe, which roams in the north western parts of Namibia. Jaco grew up in a family of big game hunters in Namibia where he first learned and mastered his hunting skills. He completed his secondary education in Wolmaransstad from where he studied at the University of Pretoria. Halfway through his law studies, his love for wildlife, hunting encouraged him to become a professional hunter.

In 1994 Jaco obtained his first PH license in South-Africa, followed by obtaining licenses in all other provinces. He gained extensive experience under the guidance of several experienced outfitters and professional hunters. In his capacity of hunting outfitter, professional hunter and operations manager he obtained very early successes in the hunting industry, causing him to have established a great reputation early on.

This resulted in the expansion of his company (1999) further into East Africa’s Tanzania – the last authentic free range hunting frontier! Having been able to establish excellent hunting areas in the world famous Selous & Moyowosi/Kigosi Game Reserves, contributed to him building an even stronger hunting outfit which resulted in the establishment of GAME TRACKERS AFRICA SAFARIS CC. This is a Namibian based company, intended to take care of all your safari interests on the African continent, where we believe your dreams are awaiting you! Jaco Oosthuizen and his team of professional hunters will ensure that you will enjoy the most memorable time of your life in Africa

Collectively we offer you many years of experience throughout Africa. Our experience of the bush and unlimited knowledge of animal behavior, both dangerous & plains game, is a guarantee for you safety and hunting satisfaction. With vast experience of hunting, both as enthusiasts and as professionals, we will ensure that you will enjoy a most enjoyable safari, living up to your expectations while taking you right into the heart of Africa. With concessions throughout South Africa, Tanzania, Cameroon, Botswana, Namibia; GTA is able to offer more than 120 different species of game, which includes all of the Big Five and other rare species.

Our flexible approach enables us to cater for the needs of different clients as far as hunting is concerned. We shall always try as far as possible to meet our client’s preferences. We are committed to honesty, integrity, and the pursuance at all times of client satisfaction. This is a guaranteed commitment! We shall assist our clients in all respects, undertake to share our knowledge of the African bush, the fun of tracking past productive male specimens, stalking them and putting you up with an exciting adrenaline rush! We shall share in the enthusiasm of our clients and will make every safari a memorable, adrenaline pumping experience! We shall strive to create life-long friendships around heartwarming campfires and to bring you all in touch with real Africa…

As native born Africans, Hunters & Conservationistswith respect for our fellow conservationists and our beloved continent we are committed to a purpose – the modernization of our society without losing the African personality, while implementing the concept of “conservation through utilization”. We support the development and upliftment of local communities and also the education of such communities in order for all to understand and appreciate the benefits of wildlife conservation and the concept of “Conservation through utilization’. The integration of the hunting industry and wildlife conservation with modern science and technology is inevitable in order to support the upliftment of such communities.

Education on conservation awareness is important to prevent the misapplication and waste of the wealth of our rivers and lakes, forests and wildlife. It is our responsibility to protect our natural heritage, and we believe there is not a more efficient vehicle, other than hunting, to initiate, justify and finance this process.

Meet the Team. Jaco Oosthuizen. Jaco was born on June 6, 1973 in a town called Tsumeb, in the northern part of Namibia (Southwest Africa). He grew up on a cattle ranch adjacent to the Etosha National Park during a time when Namibian ranchers / farmers were heavily terrorized by political motivated criminal elements. In this environment he learned very soon to acquire a calm and relaxed approach in any intense, but also potentially exciting situation. Jaco finally finished his high school in the former western-Transvaal from where he went on to become a very successful professional hunter and businessman.

He believes in high performance levels based on adrenaline rushes, but he is also a person who firmly believes in his Creator, God Almighty. He also realizes his own weaknesses which is a direct result of the immense respect he pays to every person he meets.

He doesn’t settle easily for second place, and knows how to compensate and multi task in an effective manner in order to provide his clients with unsurpassed satisfaction no matter what! A positive mindset is inherently part of Jaco as he will do his very best to “carry you on his hands”, within reason, assisting you in achieving your goals hunting wise.

He will always offer you the total experience. He understands his clients’ needs and pledges to do his utmost to fulfill your expectations. With more than 2000 collective days of dangerous game hunting, you are guaranteed to be in very safe hands, a peoples person who will guide you through the rough days and the easy days, but a hunter who will never lose out of sight his God-given purpose of being in the bush: to live for nature and to take care of it!

Dalil Abdallah. Was born and raised in East Africa’s hunting paradise: Tanzania. He grew up in the African bush where his love for hunting originated. Having been exposed to dangerous wildlife at an early age where he grew up in western Tanzania, laid the foundations to his passion for hunting these animals. He has an admirable knowledge of animal behavior and also the hunting areas make him a big asset to the company, also contributing in a great way to client satisfaction. Dalil also runs, with great success, the anti-poaching operations in the off-season for us in western Tanzania. Mechanically, no job is too big for him, even building bridges in short time, with his engineering background. His presence his always felt out there in the bush, guaranteeing your success.