The Finest Wingshooting in Argentina

Exciting Outdoors is a collection of the finest wingshooting lodges in Argentina. We are best known for our property in the province of Entre Ríos where our famous “Los Laureles” lodge has, over the last twenty-six years, earned the reputation as the country’s finest mixed bag operation. The lodge possesses the distinct attribute of privately operating on exclusive, leased land, making it the only collection of sporting property of its kind in Argentina. We invite you to join the ranks of discerning traveling outdoorsmen who agree that our attention to detail over lodge services, staff and most importantly, bird quality, is second to none.

Under Exciting Outdoors, we are proud to offer a variety of fly-fishing options all over Argentina including the much sought after Patagonia region. With our access and knowledge, we provide a 5-star experience tailor made for you and your fishing needs. Not to be overlooked is the big game hunt we offer on properties and hunting ranches throughout the vast country. Having the option to hunt for Red Stag, Water Buffalo, or Axis Deer, among other 12 species, we ensure a wonderful experience from booking your trip to exporting the trophies.

All of our dove hunting takes place in the province of Entre Rios either in conjunction with mixed bag hunts between May and August or as independent high-volume hunts between September and April. High-volume hunting may also be combined with fishing in warmer months for unforgettable ‘cast & blast’ packages. The principle ingredients required for abundant dove are food, water and a safe roosting area. Entre Rios is the most water-saturated area in Argentina due to year-round rainfall as well as the vast system of rivers and marshes which saturate the terrain. Additionally, this region is one of the most active areas of commercial agriculture in the country with crops principally consisting of soy, corn, sorghum, wheat and alfalfa. Due to the prevalence of water and food combined with ideal weather, doves in Entre Rios hatch two eggs, five to seven times annually resulting in their status as an agricultural plague. All dove hunting is no-limit pass shooting at tree lines with actual fields varying week to week depending on harvest patterns and weather.

We own or have exclusive leases on the land used for all hunting and have a feedlot on our property. We are the only hunting operation in Entre Rios with a dove roost on our land. This results in very short drive times, typically between five and ten minutes from the lodge. Guests at Los Laureles may even walk to dove blinds from the lodge and enjoy an intermediary hunt before lunch in our mixed bag package. The logistical convenience afforded to our guests is a direct result of owning our land and being the only hunting operation using it. In turn, our guests enjoy the best of what would be expected in high-volume dove shooting coupled with drive times second to none among Argentine outfitters. Argentine seasons are opposite from the northern hemisphere. Pack accordingly for either hot summers or the relatively mild winters. Dove season is year around.

Los Laureles Lodge is in the Entre Rios province which literally means ‘between rivers’. Commonly referred to as ‘siempre verde’ or ‘always green’, this is the most ideal duck habitat in Argentina due to the fabulous amount of fresh water it possesses in rivers, marshes and ponds. Additionally, Entre Rios receives more rainfall than any other area in the country with precipitation occurring twelve months out of the year. While we are able to access hard to reach marsh areas with the aid of amphibious vehicles, we hunt small ponds out of dry blinds just as frequently thus eliminating the need for waders and long travel. Baiting is legal in Argentina and because we own or have exclusive leases on all the land we hunt, ideal field preparation and land management are employed at a level totally unique among competitor outfitters.

We have duck fields as close as 10-25 minutes to the lodge but occasionally we need to drive further. An average drive time for ducks is in the 45 minute range. Duck hunting requires flexibility from an outfitting standpoint as we always like to go to where the birds are the strongest yet we are fortunate to have access to more ideal land than any other duck hunting operation in the province. The May – August duck season represents our winter which is mild by the standard of many other regions where ducks are hunted. Early morning temperatures rarely fall below 35 degrees Fahrenheit with temperatures rising to the low-seventies during the day. Clothing in layers is recommended.

Perdiz or ‘Spotted Tinamou’ is the Argentine counterpart to a partridge. Native to the grassy areas north of the Buenos Aires province, they are members of a larger family consisting of roughly 12 varieties of differing sizes. The perdiz is one of the most prized species for sportsmen in Argentina and is found only in select areas including the Entre Rios province. Perdiz thrive in low lying grasses in undisturbed fields and pastures. An increase in commercial agriculture in our region has posed an obstacle to strong perdiz numbers in many areas yet our roughly 15,000 acres of private land in the Entre Rios province is largely comprised of cow pastures where planting and harvesting do not take place. This creates a safe haven for nests and hatching which is perhaps the largest area of wild perdiz habitat being hunted in the country and the basis of our one hundred percent wild bird guarantee. Seasoned hunters will find that perdiz get up and fly much faster than quail. Because they often run before flushing, perdiz also share a resemblance with pheasants although they are indeed in a class of their own. Often, first time perdiz hunters do not expect to enjoy this bird as much as other species but almost always end up favoring it over all other hunts. Our perdiz fields are typically no more than five to ten minutes from the lodge but in some circumstances have to drive further. An average drive time for perdiz is in the 20 minute range, which combined with the unparalleled quality of our birds makes this hunt unparalleled in Argentina.

Pigeon hunting, perhaps only alongside perdiz hunting, is one of the best kept secrets of Argentina wingshooting. We hunt pigeons in a traditional British fashion using both mechanical and stationary decoys which parallels duck hunting in many respects. The notable distinction between the two is that pigeon hunting takes place in dry areas and can be undertaken all day rather than just early morning. Additionally, downed birds are arranged by your guide to resemble decoys thus increasing the amount of birds you attract based on the number of birds you successfully hunt. Although often mistakenly considered to be akin to doves, pigeons are actually very little like doves. They are second only to perdiz in flight speed and entirely like ducks in terms of decoying habits. Pigeon hunts in the truest sense of the term very seldom involve pass shooting. While outfitters sometimes offer pigeons as occasional shots among pass shooting for doves, our pigeon hunts are designed exclusively with pigeons in mind. In Argentina, pigeons are not nearly as prevalent as doves and are native to a select few provinces, Entre Rios among them. Because we own concessions to three large estancias in Entre Rios we are fortunate to have a variety of excellent pigeon fields literally in our back yard. Be that as it may, it is nevertheless the case that pigeons are the most difficult bird to scout and by far the most unpredictable in terms of the effects of even minor variations in weather and harvesting conditions. A mixed bag hunt for ducks, perdiz and high-volume doves is rounded off wonderfully by pigeon hunts which add another dimension of uniqueness and quality to our offerings.

Among the best kept secrets for serious freshwater anglers is certainly the golden Dorado or Salminus Maxillosus of Argentina. This freshwater novelty has been likened to Tarpon, Tuna and even Wahoo and is a must on the travel itinerary of any serious fisherman. We fish for Dorado out of the Parana River system which is the largest river in Argentina and which borders our property, allowing guests access to the riverbank in just a few minutes. Fly cast, spinning and bait casting are effective methods of Dorado fishing. While the Parana proper is an enormous waterway home to a variety of large vessels navigating into the interior of the country, its reach goes far beyond what one sees bank to bank. It is in the vast system of streams, tributaries and lagoons whose reach may take one far from the visible river that we offer what many consider the finest Dorado fishing in Argentina. The diversity of the complex system on the fringe of the river is what makes our fishing program unique in offering an angler any number of fishing scenarios. Casting from the boat or a bank are all possible any given day. Anything between a 6 and 9wt. saltwater rod can be used although we typically recommend using an 8 wt. with floating, intermediate and sink tip fly lines. To hook one of these beasts is an experience in and of itself which can hardly be adequately described by words. Acrobatic leaps accompany finger burning runs as the Dorado tries to escape its fate. Dorado fishing may be enjoyed by itself or else incorporated into either our mixed bag program or our high-volume hunting ‘cast & blast’ package. Modern and efficient Carolina Skiff boats are utilized as they provide ideal platforms to cast from. The fishing lodge is strictly catch and release. Our Dorado fishing takes place exclusively at Los Laureles Lodge in Entre Rios province

We are proud to offer a variety of big game hunts across Argentina from Patagonia to La Pampa to the northern provinces. Our affiliate Estancias and 5-star lodges are able to offer different species including Red Stag, Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Black Buck and Wild Boar among many others. The hunts are varied from free range ranches to high fenced fair chase hunts with options of rifle to archery. We ensure a wonderful experience from booking the details of your trip to exporting the trophies.