We Specialize in providing Exceptional African Adventures

Things are very simple in the African veld. You is or you ain’t.

“You are a courageous man or you are a coward, and it takes a very short time to decide, and for everyone you know to detect it. You can learn more about people in three days on safari than you might run down in a lifetime of polite association under “civilized” circumstances” Robert Ruark

We only hunt in the best concessions with exceptional trophy specimens.

Zimbabwe. The Msaize area is, without a doubt, one of the best hunting concessions in Zimbabwe. Encompassing 130,000 acres, this concession has exceptional trophy specimens in all dangerous game categories, and an abundance of plains game animals too. As with all Desfountain Safaris areas, we operate this gem in the Save Valley at the highest possible level, and on an exclusive basis.

With plentiful wildlife, well-maintained hunting roads and a water reticulation program to match, this concession will not disappoint!

Booking your trip to Msaize Concession in the Save Valley guarantees you will see record numbers of the biggest trophy dangerous game and plenty of plains game…you only need to do your part, aim your rifle, and experience the hunting safari of your dreams!”

Mozambique. Tandikwe Bush Camp is situated in the heart of Nhacainga Conservancy, better known as Coutada 9 & 13. Coutada 9 and 13 are approximately 2 million, 8 hundred thousand acres in size. The concession is situated halfway between Tete and Chimoio in the Manica Province of Mozambique. Coutada 9 was a famous hunting block, mainly for lion and buffalo, in the 1970’s before the Mozambican civil war. The terrain consists of large granite out crops, huge areas of Savannah woodlands, tambooti forests and large seasonal rivers with thick riverine bush.

Tandikwe Camp is a tented camp all with bathroom en-suite. There is also a large chalet, thatched dining and lounge area. The camp sits up on a ridge providing great veiws of the savanna and mountain ranges beyond….

Prevalent hunting Species on offer : Sable, Chobe Bushbuck, Suni, Red Duiker, Reed Buck, Warthog, Bushpig, Oribi, Burchels Zebra, Nyala , Lichtenstein Hartebeest.

For some hunting is a hobby, for us it’s a passion! Meet our team.

Dale “Donza” Desfountain. Principal Proffessional Hunter. Born and raised as a Farmer’s son, Dale “Donza” gravitated to the outdoors from a young age, and excelled in rugby during his school years. Hunting proved to be prudent in his upbringing, and he developed a true love for hunting and conservation early in life.
When schooling finished, Dale felt his independence and embraced his dreams of becoming a Professional Hunter.
In 1995 Dale joined Zinyela Hunters Safaris, a company owned by legendary Professional Hunter and his uncle, Barry Duckworth. The operations were based in the Chewore concession in Zimbabwe, where Dale gained hands-on experience in ethically hunting the top species of dangerous game in Africa.
After years of working in the family safari business, Dale took a leadership position with Brooklands Hunting Safaris, which was also based in Zimbabwe.
In 2006, Dale started his own safari hunting company.
With years of professional experience and success, and always functioning with the highest integrity, Dale is extremely active in personally guiding safari hunts.

Kobus Botha, Proffessional Hunter. As a native Zimbabwean, Kobus has enjoyed a lifetime of passion for hunting and conservation in Africa. Upon earning his PH (professional hunter) license in 2005, Kobus expanded his experience by hunting prime areas of Zimbabwe. He has successfully guided hunts in the famous Matetsi, Zambezi Valley, Makuit, Nyakasanga and Doma Safari areas. Kobus is an outstanding professional hunter, and brings his heartfelt enthusiasm to each hunt. Guests enjoy Kobus’ outgoing personality and dedication to successful safe hunts. Kobus is a welcome addition to the Desfountain Safaris family!

Quinn Kloppers, Professional Hunter. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1979 and, from an early age, was introduced to hunting and life in the outdoors. For the later part of his youth , he spent growing up on a 60,000 acre cattle and game ranch in southeastern Zimbabwe which cultivated a lifelong love and passion for wildlife and nature.In 2000 Quinn guided his first plains game safari and continued to do so for 5 seasons. In 2005 he obtained his full professional hunters license. He has hunted in a variety of areas such as Matetsi Safari Units, lower Zambezi and specializes in Dangerous Game . Quinn , whilst conducting Safaris in other areas of Zimbabwe also conducts a number of Safaris for Desfountain Safaris.

Guy Ferriera, Proffesional Hunter. Born and raised on a farm in Zimbabwe, Guy’s passion for hunting began at a young age. After leaving school in 2005 Guy began first as a hunting apprentice in 2006 with Charlton McCallum safaris, moving on to train as a learner professional hunter and camp manager. In 2008 Guy left Zimbabwe to pursue an opportunity as a Professional Hunter and area manager in the Niassa Reserve in northern Mozambique. Guy returned to Zimbabwe in 2012 to attain his Full Hunters license under Martin Pieters Safaris in the Omay concession of Zimbabwe. Moving forward, Guy went on to earn his full dangerous game license in 2014. With over ten years of dangerous game experience, over 50 Elephant and Buffalo hunted and close to 20 Lion and Leopard, Guy Ferreira prides himself on integrity, ethical hunting and an enthusiasm for hunting that produces more success and passion with every hunt.