Alaska's Premiere Yacht Based Hunting...

Join Coastal Alaska Adventures for the number one hunting experience in Alaska. We provide a level of luxury and customer service second to none. Master Guide Keegan McCarthy has not only been hunting in Alaska for over 30 years but has been guiding big game hunts for the last 20 years. And because of his extensive experience In Alaska, he has exclusive access to some of the best trophy hunting areas in the world. Keegan also believes in providing unparalleled service and commitment to all our guest.

Hunting with Coastal Alaska Adventures will be like nothing you have experienced before and we welcome the opportunity to host your group. Our schedule speaks for itself, with our reputation and long list of repeat clients this has become one of the most popular hunts available for those with discerning taste. We have worked to create a hunt for every taste and budget.

Please take some time to look over all our options and let us know if you have any questions or would like to book the hunt of a lifetime.

Keegan McCarthy Named North American Hunter Of The Year

On December 19, 2019, Keegan McCarthy was given the North American Professional Hunter of the Year Award; SCI’s highest honors.

Keegan received this award because of his commitments to business professionalism, conservation and education.

Coastal Alaska Adventures has a very experienced group of talented individuals working as guides, vessel operators, chefs or mates.

All of our guides are required to spend a minimum of two years as an apprentice before being allowed to work as an assistant guide. Currently our head assistant guide has 18 years as a guide, and our “newest guide” is on his 5 year working with us. While at times we may have to substitute guides, our core group is highly experienced, attentive and at all time professional. We demand a high level of service at all times, and insure our guides provide the best possible hunt for our clients.

Guided Yacht Based Trophy Black Bear Hunts. Now is your time to experience the world-class Alaska black bear hunting standards that no other hunting outfitter can match. Our close-knit staff of fully licensed professional guides set the standard for knowledge, skill, effort and experience to help you bag your next trophy black bear. You don’t want to miss the World’s best trophy black bear hunting location… Southeast

Our typical hunting style consists of cruising shorelines in our comfortable, top of the line skiffs and glassing for black bears.

Our archery black bear hunts are some of our favorite types of hunts and gives archers the ability to take black bears at around 30 yards. This intimate experience–stalking your way up to your Pope & Young trophy black bear, with the ocean and mountain backgrounds–will leave you breathless.

Join Us for Alaska’s Premier Yacht Based Brown Bear Hunts!

Coastal Alaska Adventures yacht based brown bear hunts are an outstanding option for hunters who want an all-in-one luxury hunting experience. This is a true world-class brown bear hunt from start to finish, with standards that no other Alaska hunting outfitter can match.

Our close knit staff of fully licensed professional guides set the standard for knowledge, skill, effort and experience to help you harvest the trophy brown bear of your dreams.

Not only do we have the finest accommodations and the hardest hunting most experienced guides, we also have what is probably the best concession for boat based brown bear hunts in Alaska. Owner and Master Guide Keegan McCarthy has worked for years to buy up and take over the longest standing and number one producing concessions available. You will not find a better hunting area–one that has consistently produced the largest trophy bears in SE Alaska for nearly 30 years.

Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting. Our luxury yacht based hunts are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable hunting experience that will leave you in awe.

We have taken 25 years’ experience and turned it into a great hunt for our clients. We will hunt black tails all over SE, depending on weather conditions, snow fall levels and conditions of the rut. Clients have had a great time hunting these beautiful deer and rarely go home empty handed.

The Sitka Black Tail is found only in Alaska, and some parts of Canada’s pacific coast. These deer are absolutely beautiful and are a highly under-rated trophy. They are a small relative of the Mule Deer, and can be comparable to the Coues Deer in terms of size and trophy.

Discover exciting new trophy sea ducks to hunt.

Join us to hunt Sea Ducks in Alaska. These beautiful ducks are a fantastic compliment to any trophy room and provide for an exciting wing shooting adventure. We have nearly 100% success sending clients home with a wide variety of ducks that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Combined with luxury accommodations, these hunts are highly popular and a true must do for the hunting fanatic. If you have not been to Alaska to hunt trophy Sea Ducks, now is the time.