We are the Arctic

Traditional Arctic Expeditions. Canada North Outfitting is committed to being a part of the Inuit community, working in partnership to empower the people of Nunavut to live successfully on the land and communities. Bringing our clients to understand and appreciate the most incredible place on earth safely and successfully, providing them with an absolute traditional Arctic experience. CNO is the oldest, most established outfitter in Nunavut. One of the most trusted brands in the outfitting world. This will be one of the most memorable hunting and cultural experiences of your life. A true international hunting destination within the North American continent.

We are Arctic experts. Incorporated on October 27, 1980 Canada North Outfitting began outfitting for its first adventure hunts with the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic during the spring of 1981. Throughout our 40-year history, Canada North Outfitting has provided a multitude of Inuit hunters with economic benefits and self-sufficiency associated with guiding, all the while carrying on with their hunting heritage. Supporting community, culture, tradition and conservation. For 40 years, we have provided an unparalleled adventure in hunting and unique cultural experiences, maintaining an absolute success in every way.

As well as being an outfitter Canada North partners with communities and guides throughout Nunavut, always being respectful and providing training and equipment to add to the already incredible abilities of the Inuit guides. Since 2014 we worked with our Inuit partners to set up a northern-based guides training program based on advancing Inuit culture and traditions. Trust and respect has been earned by our absolute commitment to the people, the land, the tradition and the culture.

We are happy to share and provide our extensive experience and knowledge of the Arctic and answer your questions which will provide comfort in one of if not the most extreme environments in the world. We are outfitters with a permanent presence in the Arctic coordinating and outfitting hunts during all of the seasons. Every logistical detail, including type of gear, Arctic flights and accommodations, are looked after from the moment you book your hunting adventure with us. Our client servicing, know-how and extensive time spent in the Arctic communities that we work in is paramount to your Arctic adventure. We are Arctic experts.

Experience the hunt. Hunting is at the core of Inuit culture. Comprehensive knowledge of local wildlife and survival techniques are some of the fundamental values in traditional Inuit culture and are passed down from generation to generation. Partnerships forged over years and strengthened over decades with the most experienced and professional guides remain a hallmark of Canada North’s brand. Respect and support of Inuit values traditions not driven by southern ways.

Spring Polar Bear Hunt. The iconic polar bear is the one of the largest of all land carnivores and hunted in one of the most extreme environments in the world. Hunts are all done in traditional Inuit ways and only with Inuit guides. Every polar bear hunt adventure is as unique as the individual guides and communities where the expedition takes place.

Summer & Fall Polar Bear Hunt. A late summer or early fall spot and stalk polar bear hunt by boat and/or ATV adds a different twist to the traditional spring season on the frozen Arctic Ocean. Our Inuit guides scour and glass the shorelines along well-known islands searching areas used by polar bears during the Arctic’s ice-free period. The season begins on August 1, which coincides with the best 4 to 5 week period also to hunt Atlantic Walrus that are hauled out by the hundreds on isolated rocky islands.

Barren Ground Muskox Hunt. Hunting muskox is one of the most exciting way to experience Inuit culture and the Canadian Arctic. These ice age animals are incredibly adapted to the extreme temperatures and terrain. These are the largest of the muskox with very healthy populations. An incredibly unique hunting adventure. Our success is unparalleled on both harvest and adventure.

Island Muskox Hunt. The Island Muskox are the Greenland variety of muskox, Canada North along with many guides and HTO’s have spent much time and funds studying this species. An incredibly unique hunting adventure and a perfect way to be introduced to Canada’s Arctic.

Barren Ground Grizzly Bear Hunt. The Barren Ground Grizzly Bear is an exceptionally beautiful bear. The grizzly bear population continues to increase in the Canadian Arctic with its range and numbers expanding through Nunavut. When booking a hunt with Canada North Outfitting we recommend that you add one or more fur-bearing or small game animals to your hunt package. Arctic Wolf and Wolverine are amongst the more elusive species available to add on.

Discover Nunavut. Nunavut is increasingly sought after as a unique adventure tourism destination. The unspoiled beauty lures people from around the world to view magnificent wildlife found in the Arctic biome. Our Inuit hunting guides who know the land and the best areas to observe wildlife perform above and beyond what a real adventurer would expect from visiting one of the most remote places on earth. One of the most enjoyed things in Inuit life is traveling and being on the land. There is no disappointment in Canada North’s Tour Package. Conducted with our Inuit guides travelling and camping in traditional fashion ensuring that your Arctic adventure is beyond your imagination.

Culture, Tradition & Community. One of the greatest achievements in human history has been the successful settlement of the Arctic. The region is home to the Inuit people, with its population living in a hunting based culture that spans over 5,000 years. Harvesting, hunting and travelling remain at the heart of Inuit culture and way of life. Hunting is at the core of Inuit culture. Comprehensive knowledge of local wildlife and survival techniques combined with incredible patience, hunting skills, physical and mental strength, stamina and courage are fundamental values in traditional Inuit culture. The Inuit people and their great ancestors have achieved one of the most remarkable human accomplishments of all time: the successful settlement of the Arctic. The importance of the Inuit values and skills they were taught by their ancestors and passed down through generations of elders that allow them to survive in the harshest of environments. Traditional values such as sharing of food, respect for others and cooperation remains central to Inuit community life.

Community Events. Canada North Outfitting does more than just outfitting for adventure hunts. We are involved in year-round community events and activities throughout Nunavut doing our part to ensure that the unique Inuit culture not only continues to exist but to thrive in the modern world. Canada North Outfitting is honored to be included in the amazing Inuit culture and their traditions. From sponsoring traditional Inuit cultural activities such as throat singing, drum dancing, elder sewing classes, Inuit carving programs and annual Bowhead Whale hunts to contemporary projects such as funding of books and other educational supplies for daycare centers, various community feasts, an all Inuit men’s hockey team, youth skating programs, annual fishing derbies, and Christmas food banks just to name a few.