GHC supports, promotes and encourages all legal hunting and fishing activities worldwide with effective conservation and wildlife management as primary objectives resulting from the rational, ethical, ecological and sustainable use of our world’s natural resources for the benefit of all generations.



Safari Operators, PH’s and Outfitters from around the world undoubtedly have the most integrated first hand knowledge regarding the economics, difficulties and challenges of wildlife conservation and the delicate balance this has within their communities. The reason is simple, we were born, raised and live in the places we support and fight for every day. Each corner of our planet faces their own diverse and serious threats to wildlife, this is not exclusive to a single region, country or continent. As different as each place might be, socially and/or economically, we still share the same global wildlife conservation battles. Unity of what has always been the first and last line of defense for wildlife conservation is what we are, what we do and what GHC stands for. 

GHC is Conservation.



GHC has a very clear vision of a group of people with outstanding camaraderie, strong networking and members with very high standards of service and ethics. In order to achieve this, we have created this exclusive  organization for hunters worldwide. GHC aims to develop, strengthen and enhance all participants social and networking capabilities to produce long term benefits for each one while actively seeking the conservation of our world’s natural resources and a worldwide sustainable wildlife management.

GHC is committed to promote, develop and protect all legal hunting and all its related activities and professions worldwide. GHC will educate the public on the real value and benefits of rational, ethical, ecological and sustainable hunting as the most important conservation tool. We will establish and ensure the highest possible standards of service and conduct of all members while developing and strengthening respect and camaraderie within our hunting community.